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roderick & roshawn

Roderick & Roshawn Broussard are what you call the “Power Couple” who have been married for an incredible 26 years. Roderick and Roshawn Broussard are renowned marriage coaches with over 15 years of experience helping couples build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. Their compassionate and insightful coaching approach has made them highly sought after by couples seeking to enhance their marriages. Many who have experienced their program have unanimously stated “They have a way of making you feel comfortable enough to be open and real.” Roderick and Roshawn are known for their ability to quickly establish rapport with clients, creating a safe and supportive environment for exploring challenges and finding solutions. Their coaching style is characterized by empathy, wisdom, prayer, and a commitment to helping couples overcome obstacles and rediscover the joy of partnership. As a dynamic duo, they bring a unique blend of expertise, humor, and authenticity to their coaching practice, inspiring couples to create lasting, positive change in their relationships.

Through overcoming their own obstacles of infidelity, looking divorce straight in the face, childhood issues, communication barriers, and relationships that tried to negatively shape their marriage, they managed to come out stronger and more powerful. Has it been an easy journey, “NO!” However,  they made a conscious decision to work on the relationship by applying the tools they were given in order to be the winning team they are today.


As certified SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) facilitators and mentors, in the Bay Area, their goal is to help couples across the world overcome marital challenges they may face, decrease the divorce rate in corporate America, church environments, and restore the family dynamics. While providing them with hope, and encouragement knowing they too will experience being that winning team in their marriage.

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